Narciss M. Sohrabi

Researcher on the urban, environment and Society

Curriculum Vitae


2010 – 2015, Ph.D. in Aménagement de l’espace, urbanism, Université Paris Ouest.

Dissertation subject: La Révolution Iranienne et les espaces publics trois quartiers de quartiers à Téhéran (pdf)

2003 – 2006, M.Sc. in Urban Design, Isfahan Art University, Iran.

Thesis subject: Representation of the Identity, power and development in Iranian Island (case study: Kish)

1998 – 2002, B.Sc. in Civil Engineering, Yazd University, Iran.


Books and book chapters

  1. N. M.Sohrabi, Cafe's as a cultural institution in Tehran, University of California, Irvine, (In press).
  2. N. M.SohrabiThe functionality of art galleries as meeting places in Tehran, Institute for Middle East Studies, Canada, ISBN: 978-0-9948625-7-0 (pdf).
  3. Translation of “Gallimard, l'art urbain; du graffiti au street art de Stéphanie Lemoine” from France to Persian, 2018.
  4. N. M.Sohrabi, La Révolution Iranienne et les espaces publics à Téhéran, Universitaires Europeennes. 2017.
  5. Translation of “Alexandre Grondeau and Guy Burgel, Géographie urbaine” from France to Persian, Tehran municipality, Tehran, 2017.
  6. N. M.SohrabiLes murs comme support politique Les espaces publics à Téhéran, Thierry Côme, Esthétiques de la ville. Équipements et usages, L'Harmattan, pp.53-63, Local Et Global, 978-2-343-02960-3. 2014 (Link).
  7. M. Parseh and N. M.Sohrabi, Exploration of morphologies changing in Tehran neighborhoods, Tehran municipality, Tehran, 2013.
  8. Translation of “A. Hakhnazarian and V. Mehrabian,1992, Nor Djulfa” from English to Persian, Iranian Academy of the Arts, 2006 (pdf).
  9. Translation of “G. Burgel, 2014, la Ville” from France to Persian, 2014.

Journal articles


  1. N. M.Sohrabi, Memorialization of war between conflicts of interest before and after the Islamic Revolution: Public art and public space in Iran, Art is On Journal, Vol. 7, pp. 161-170, 2018 (pdf).
  2. N. M.Sohrabi, Etude comparative sur la place sociale et protestataire des graffitis dans les espaces publics de Téhéran et de Paris, Revue du Centre Culturel d’Iran a Paris, Vol. 3, pp. 94-103, 2018 (In Persian and French) (pdf) (pdf).
  3. N. M.Sohrabi, A city-wide art gallery project, Lo squaderno Journal, Vol. 48, pp. 47-48, 2018 (pdf).
  4. N. M.SohrabiEtude comparée de l’évolution de l’art moderne urbain à Téhéran et Paris jusqu’à 2000, Revue du Centre Culturel d’Iran a Paris, Vol. 1, pp. 146-173, 2017 (In Persian and French) (pdf) (pdf).
  5. N. M.Sohrabi, Public art: Place making or Focus on Values (Case study: Valiaser Street, Tehran), Art and Social Sciences Journal, Vol. 8, No. 3, 2017 (pdf).
  6. N. M.Sohrabi, The audience is the focal point , Tandis Journal, Vol. 348, p. 30, 2017 (in Persian) (pdf).
  7. N. M.Sohrabi, Requirements of a city Biennale, Tandis Journal, Vol. 347, p. 12-14, 2017 (in Persian) (pdf).
  8. N. M.Sohrabi, Communicating between the arts and the environment, Tandis Journal, Vol. 342, pp. 20-21, 2017 (in Persian) (pdf).
  9. N. M.SohrabiWalls and Places: Political Murals in Iran, 2014 (pdf).
  10. N. M.SohrabiLa Mutation et son empreinte sur l’espace public, Etude de cas: la fresque à Téhéran, livre collective de colloque statistique et l’espace Public, pp. 53-61, 2014.
  11. N. M.Sohrabi, Challenges for Urban Local Governments in south of Iran, Andisheh Iranshahr (a professional seasonal magazine) Vol 5&6, p. 32-45, 2007.
  12. N. M.Sohrabi, S.Akbari, Challenge and balance between traditional and modern settlement: Jolfa neighborhoods in Isfahan, Rah & Sakhateman (Road & Construction) Vol. 29 ,2005 (in Persian).
  13. N. M.Sohrabi, Study of Iranian architecture and urbanization in Pahlavi period, Road and Construction Journal Vol. 28, pp. 16-25, 2003.

Scientific talks

  1. N. M.Sohrabi, The Impact of Contemporary Iranian Society Challenges in Public Spaces of Large Scale Settlements (Case study: Tehran), 17-23 September 2018, Vienna International Summer School, New Social Housing, Vienna, Austria (Information(Program(Abstract).
  2. N. M.SohrabiSocial media, public space and wome ability, 8 March 2018, University of Tehran , Department of Urban and Architecture, Tehran. Iran.
  3. N. M.SohrabiRole of social media on the natural disaster, 4 March 2018, University of Tehran, Tehran, Iran. 
  4. N. M.SohrabiRelationship between offline & online space: from privet space to public space in Tehran, 18 December 2018. Kharezemi University , Tehran, Iran.
  5. N. M.SohrabiEvolution of values of public space by Public art, 11 August 2017, Municipality of Yazd, Yazd, Iran.
  6. N. M.SohrabiThe Armenian neighborhood of Jolfa: Public space and old centers in Isfahan, 7 May 2016, School of Humanities. University of California, Irvine; United States (Link).
  7. N. M.SohrabiTehran, Revolution and the Public Space, Samuel Jordan Center for Persian Studies and Culture, 3 September 2015, School of Humanities. University of California, Irvine; United States.
  8. N. M.SohrabiRevolution Islamique en Iran et escapes public des quartiers, Le laboratoire Dynamiques sociales et recomposition des espaces (LADYSS), 21 November 2014, Paris, France.




  1. N. M.Sohrabi, Emergent of New Julfa: emergency measures in the crisis architecture or socio-cultural resistance in the early modern urbanism of Iran, Cities in Crisis, Bibliotheca Hertziana - Max Planck Institute for Art History, 6-7 September 2018, Rome, Italy (pdf).
  2. N. M.Sohrabi, Green Public space of Tehran: Rethinking the Urban Parks, 2e congress du GIS, Moyen-Orient et mondes musulmans, 7 July 2017, Paris, France.
  3. N. M.Sohrabi, Street art as a Window to the Challenges of social inequality and spatial justice (Case study: Tehran)”,  Rethinking Cities in the Global South Urban Violence, Social Inequality and Spatial Justice, 19-23 January 2016, Mumbai, India.
  4. N. M.Sohrabi, The Spectacle of Heritage, Situation of Place of worship, on the process of spectacularization of urban environment (A case study from Tehran)., 11th International Conference of Young Heritage Researchers, 4-7 November, 2015, Unicamp, Brazil.
  5. N. M.Sohrabi, Urban Representation/Imagination of Tehran Evolution in the context of the Iranian Cinema from 1940 to 2013. 8th Conference of Iranian Studies (pdf).
  6. N. M.Sohrabi, History of Space between Cooperation, Revolution and Mobilization (Case study: Tehran), UC Irvine History Graduate Student Association conference, Negotiating the Public Sphere: Rethinking History from Below, 11 Avril 2015, Irvine, United States.
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  12. N. M.Sohrabi, Borders and Bounders and Islamic Meaning in the Public spaces Case study:Shaherak e Garb, Narmak and Beryanak neighborhoods, Tehran, Iran, Annual Meeting of the Urban Affairs Association, 19-22 Mars 2014, San Antonio, United States.
  13. N. M.Sohrabi, Coffee Shop(Café): Public Sphere for Further Reflections of Social Movement (Case Study: Tehran, Capital of Iran), Annual Meeting of the Association of American Geographers (AAG), 19-22 Avril, Tampa, Florida, United States (pdf).
  14. N. M.Sohrabi, The sociology of metro stations of Teheran, 4th “Next Station” international conference on railway stations will take place in Moscow, Kazansky Station. 17–18 October 2013, Moscow, Russia.
  15. N. M.Sohrabi, La Mutation  et Son Empreinte sur l’Espace Public Etude de cas: la fresque à Téhéran, 30-31 October 2013, Banska-Bystrica, Slovakia.
  16. N. M.Sohrabi, La Révolution Iranienne et les espaces publics des quartiers à Téhéran, Premières rencontres de la Halqa Association des doctorants travaillant sur les mondes musulmans aux époques moderne et contemporaine, 6-7 June 2013,  Paris, France (pdf).
  17. N. M.Sohrabi, La révolution iranienne et relation de les espaces publics et prives, Colloque international APERAU2013, 27-30 mai 2013,  Aix en province-Marseille, France.
  18. N. M.Sohrabi, La révolution iranienne et l’espace public : les cafés de Téhéran, Colloque, Cosmopolitismes, espaces publics et reconnaissance, 22-23 November 2012, Université Paris Ouest, Paris, France.
  19. N. M.Sohrabi, Investigating the Role of Cultural Centers as a Space for Development of Urban Life (Case Study:Tehran), 7th European Conference of Iranian Studies (ECIS 7). Jagiellonian University, 7-10 September 2011, Cracow, Poland.  
  20. N. M.Sohrabi, Analysis of public space for elderly person, 1st national conference on urban health, 24-25 April 2010,Tehran, Iran.
  21. N. M.Sohrabi, An Investigation of the Bases of the Cultural Development  Of  Tehran City during the Recent Two Hundred Years with an Emphasis on the Period  after the Islamic Republic”, University of London.Centre for Media and Film Studies at SOAS with the support of the Iran Heritage Foundation, the London Middle East  Institute and others. 5-6 June 2009, London, United Kingdom.
  22. N. M.Sohrabi, Rehabilitation of the Historical Context and Cultural Landscape of the City Via Regeneration of Urban Passageways( case study : Yazd)”, 12th International Seminar de Forum UNESCO-University and Heritage (FUUH), 5-10 April 2009, Hanoi ,Vietnam.
  23. N. M.Sohrabi, Armenian Residents in the Heart of Isfahan”, 2nd International Conference on  Built Environment in Developing Countries, 2008 (ICBEDC 2008). 3-5 Dec 2008, Penang, Malaysia (pdf).
  24. N. M.Sohrabi, Recognition and Analysis of the Drainage System and Management of Urban Water Resources of Tehran, 11th International Conference on Urban Drainage, 11ICUD, Aug 31- Sep 05, 2008, Edinburgh, Scotland United Kingdom.
  25. N. M.Sohrabi, Analysis Kish mosques that pattern for having identity for Kish island, 2nd Conference of masque Architect. 6-8 October 2008, Tehran, Iran.
  26. N. M.Sohrabi, Effect of Historical Buildings and Zayandeh Rud on Isphahan City Development, 2nd International Congress on Environmental Planning and Management. 2007 Technische Universitat Berlin. Germany.
  27. N. M.Sohrabi, Analyze of Residential House in Historical Texture of Bosheher Port (Seaside of Persian Gulf), Workshop on Analysis and Understanding Of Architectural Works. 18-20 April 2007, Isfahan, Iran.
  28. N. M.Sohrabi, Historical events influences on Iranian contemporary architecture and urban construction case example: Isphahan, European Association for Urban History, European Association for Urban History, 30August – 2nd September 2006, Stockholm, Sweden.
  29. Y. M.Sohrabi, N. M.Sohrabi, Study of Fractal Patterns Feedback as Element of Making on Identity for City in the Iran, 2nd INSC 2006, 10-12 March 2006 Heraklion, Crete, Greece.
  30. N. M.Sohrabi, Study of the Situation of Christians Neighborhood in Iran from Its Emergence and City Plans for the Protection of Its Identity (Case Example: Jolfa Neighborhood in Isfahan), IHSB, 20-22 October 2005, Shiraz, Iran.
  31. L. Pahlavanzadeh, N. M.Sohrabi, Station of child in public space of Iran, UDIC, 4-7 September 2005, Isfahan, Iran.
  32. N. M.Sohrabi, Analyze Situation of Sculpture in the space of Tehran metropolis, international Sculpture Symposium Tehran, 20 February 2005, Tehran, Iran.
  33. N. M.Sohrabi, Study of Qantas situation in Iran, past and present and proposition of instructions in order to improve them, Conference of national aqueducts committee of Iran, 20-23 May 2004, Gonabad. Iran.



1.    Persian (Mother Language)

2.    Turkish (Azeri- Mother Language)

3.    French (Advanced level both Writing and Speaking)

4.    English (Advanced level both Writing and Speaking)

5.    Dutch (Basic)

6.    Arabic (Basic)


Computer familiarities


1.    General software: Microsoft OFFICE (Excel, Word, PowerPoint)

2.    Civil engineering software: SAP, ETAB, SAFE

3.    Urban planning software: SPSS, Arc View GIS, AutoCAD 


Job experience


1.      June 2006-March 2007

Worked as urban planner for Pars Boom company engineering consultant as senior planner in Tehran new comprehensive plan

2.      March 2007-October 2008

Worked as an adviser for Yazd Mayor and as an urban planner for Yazd ministry, supervising urban district comprehensive plans and related sectors

3.      December 2008 –March 2010

Head of research team in urban study of neighborhood identity in Tehran.

4.      September 2006- September2008

Lecturer at Yazd University, Yazd, Yazd University, Faculty of Art.

5.      September 2006- September 2008

Lecture at Ardakan Azad Islamic University, Yazd, Ardakan University, Faculty of civil Engineering.


Professional affiliation

Associated researcher in Laboratory, Ladyss (2015 - present)

Society of Iranian Architects & Planners (2002-present)

Associations of American Geographer (2013-present)

Urban Affairs Association (2013-2014)

Middle Eastern Studies Associations (2015)


 Other qualifications


2005: Exposition des dessins personnels à l'Aquarelle Gallérie SERMEH (Téhéran).

2004: Participation in Group Color Pencil Exhibition, Banafshe Gallery, Tehran, Iran

2006: Exposition des dessins personnels à l'Aquarelle Gallérie MOJDEH (Téhéran).

2009: Exposition de la photographie à la mairie de 15ѐme arrondissement à Paris.

2012: Exposition des dessins personnels à l'Aquarelle du centre culturel de l’Iran à Paris Photographie

 Hobbies and interests


Hiking, Badminton, Painting (water color), Photography, Ecotourism.



Guy Burgel                                                     

Professeur de géographie urbaine                

Université Paris Ouest-Nanterre La Défense

Phone: + 33(0) 607356562


Touraj  Daryaee                                          

Samuel Jordan Center for Persian Studies

and Culture, School of Humanities

Phone: +1(949) 824-6524



Professeur urbanisme et projet urbain                      

Département VAT (l’ENSA de Paris-Malaquais)


Jean-Paul Billaud                                         

Directeur de Recherches (CNRS)                  

Docteur en sociologie

Phone: +33 (0)1 40 97 78 87

Ali Asghar Semsar Yazdi                            

Senior Advisor, ICQHS                                

International Center on Qanats and

Historic Hydraulic Structures

(UNESCO Category II Center)

Phone: + 98(0) 351 825 83 93


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