Narciss M. Sohrabi

Researcher on the urban, environment and Society

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About me: 

I am a visiting research fellow, now an invited researcher in LADYSS in collaboration with The Samuel Jordan Center for Persian Studies and Culture, University of California, Irvine. As a graduated of Art University of Isfahan with master degree in urban planning and urban studies, I study cities, urban history and political history of Middle Eastern societies with special reference to Iranian Cities in the modern era. I received a Ph.D. in Aménagement de l’espace, urbanism from Université Paris Ouest - Nanterre - La Défense, Paris, France in 2015. My doctoral dissertation closely explored the changes of public space and the concept of religious place according to Islamic Revolution (1978-1979) through an analysis of objects. My current research on Tehran goes beyond the symbolic capacities of public art and focuses on the politics of space production. Currently, my research has focused on the spatial transformations and modernization politics in Tehran spaces, which have led to or facilitated (directly, or indirectly and, or inadvertently) political changes. My research is across the disciplines of public art, religious, politics and urban studies and their role in conceptions of place.

Research interests

  • Exploition of human behavior by machine learning: analyzing patterns of human behavior, data-driven smart cities, and approximation methods and interaction with mobile computing, the physical context of interaction, interruptive computing, AI methods for HCI.
  • Islamic Revolution and women's daily life in public space
  • Tehran, public space and Islamic Revolution
  • Public Space between Cooperation and Conflict in Iran
  • Public art: Place making or Focus on Values
  • Public art, political authority and public space (sculptures of Tehran
  • Urban Representation/Imagination of Tehran Revolution in the context of the cinema


  • Obtaining the grant from Tehran municipality for research about online/offline public space users in the Instagram of three different neighborhoods (Tehran), 2016-2018.
  • Obtaining the grant for participation in the GAHTC (Global Architectural History Teaching Collaborative) in 2016 workshop at the Washington University and in 2015 workshop at the Illinois Institute of Technology.
  • Obtaining the grant from France Embassy in Iran for PhD program (2010-2014).
  • Obtention de bource culturel à l'école d'été du réseau interuniversitaire villes, Régions, Monde à Montréal, 2011.
  • Lettre d'admiration du premier séminaire national de la fortification des bâtiments de maçonnerie et les bâtiments historiques, 2007.
  • Lettre d'admiration de l'atelier de la conception et l'analyse de l'architecture d'Iran-Ispahan, 2005.

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